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Snail mucus value + snail beauty market

The value of snail mucus Gastropod bellyfoot terrestrial molluscs, many types, all over the world. According to relevant information, there are 40,000 snails all over the world. There are snails distributed in various provinces and autonomous regions in our country. They live in forests, shrubs, orchards, vegetable gardens, farmland, houses, parks, gardens, temples, mountains, plains and hills. However, there are very few species for feeding and eating. Snails as human high-protein low-fat first-class food and animal protein feed, more and more people's attention.
First, the snail's medicinal value Snail is not only high protein, low fat, nutrition and health food, but also some medicinal value. Snails as medicinal animals used to treat diseases in our country has a long history. In many ancient books have long been documented. Li Shizhen Compendium of Materia Medica Snail's morphology, habits, as well as, medicine and other records the most detailed. Snail meat and shell can be used as heat, detoxification, swelling, asthma, soft firm, reason hernia medicine. Will snail dry mashed, fresh snails beef tile drying, grinding into powder. Efficacy: expectorant, detoxification, diuretic. Indications: swollen poison hemorrhoids, sore throat, pharyngeal swollen, asthma, dehydration, pediatric umbilical cord, nosebleeds, deafness, rectal prolapse, hernia, sores and so on. Snail processing into medicine, can treat children with nocturia, red and white dysentery and so on. Snail digestive gland extract snail enzyme. Snail enzymes, as biological agents that dissolve cell walls, have been used more and more widely in cell biology and genetics. It is reported that: a milliliter snail digestive juice, an average of 100 - 120 mg dry weight of snail enzyme, per gram snail enzyme price of 25 grams of RMB.
Second, the snail's beauty market Snail itself has the natural effect of moisturizing the skin. The snail liquid made into cosmetics, will have a huge market potential, some farmers in the process of raising snails, unconsciously the hands of the skin disease disappeared, visible, the snail made of cosmetics, the effect is obvious .