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Fomocom FARMOCOM brand to lead the new entrepreneurial trend! Did you seize this opportunity?


We must know the development trend of micro-business. Micro-business was born in 2012 and experienced the chaos of three-productless and pyramid selling in 2012 and 2013. The large-scale team rose in 2014. By 2015, Alibaba announced the opening of micro-supply market In 2016, when Li Ka-shing announced that he will enter the micro-business area, the micro-business business model has been increasingly transformed from the low-end model of the original three non-product, pyramid sales to human resources and the formalization of development. The micro-commerce industry has created numerous millionaires , Multi-millionaire, college students who used to hold only a few thousand bucks, only idle treasure families at home, pouring out a large number of entrepreneurial stars. And 2017 is the year of micro-business industry reborn, large groups, large enterprises have micro-commerce channels as the main direction of development! Ma said: e-commerce is about to disappear, the future is the era of new retail! FOMOM Group seize the opportunity to invest huge amounts of resources into the micro-business areas, from product design to the formation of the team, all excellence!