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Xianyouju Culture and Art Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, officially opened in 2011, is located in the beautiful coastal city of Yantai, surrounded by beautiful scenery, and close to Yantai city government, Yantai Radio and Television Building, Yantai, the main exhibition hall about 1,500 square meters, The main distribution of high-grade mahogany antique furniture, modern paintings and calligraphy contemporary art products.

Xianyouju mahogany furniture in the traditional Chinese Ming and Qing furniture concise, sophisticated, tenon and dilapidated structure on the basis of the essence, into the modern superb carving skills, carved fine Lou; with precious wood species of Vietnam Huanghua pear, India lobular rosewood , African big-leaf red sandalwood, red rosewood branches in Laos and African ebony wood as raw materials carefully designed all kinds of exquisite classical furniture; also introduced Indian sandalwood, incense wood and other rare wood to make all kinds of craft boutique.

Xianyou home has many years of collection of calligraphy and painting collection, the Qing Dynasty "Qiu Tang Shuangtu map", the modern grass Sanlin San ink "landscape map." At the same time collection Qigong, Shen Peng, Ouyang stone, Zhao Changqing, Chi Jianguo and other famous calligrapher, painter's outstanding works.

Yantai Xianyou Ju Culture and Arts Club, operating catering, conferences, wine, tea and many other leisure and entertainment, our main business of wild seafood restaurants, classic Shandong cuisine and characteristics of rice farmers.



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