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Weihai Shengaoluo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. for the Farmocom Trading Company's production center

Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Santa Oro adhering to the "credibility first, quality first, forge ahead, pioneering and innovative" management philosophy, is a human nature, fashion, beauty, health responsibility, commitment to scientific research, production, processing, marketing and culture Show in one of the enterprises.

Santa Oro Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has oral liquid formulations, tablets, powders, granules and other health food products, food formulations commonly used in the production line. Factories have passed the health food production quality management practices GMP certification and food quality and safety SC certification. The first phase covers an area of 10 acres, with 10 clean workshop, a total construction area of 4,800 square meters. Phase II is expected to invest 20 acres, 100,000 clean workshop 8000 square meters.




Farmocom Shanzhen leafy tea

Farmocom Snail collagen powder

Farmocom Snail vinegar drinks

Farmocom Rose medlar drinks